9th June 2014

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Look at this, WWE Universe!

CM Punk is still being listed on the WWE app as an active member of the roster.

However Brad Maddox (just fired), Brie Bella (just quit), Batista (just quit), and Chris Jericho (not active since July 2013) are all listed as WWE alumni, or former superstars / divas.

Take it as you will; but it seems that CM Punk is most definitely still employed by World Wrestling Entertainment

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    I know. But… We all know when he said ‘he’s done’, he means it, I’m afraid.
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    It’s because, I believe, that his contract hasn’t officially run out, I think it ends either later this month or early...
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    Yes! I have a feeling he’s going to come back between this years MITB and WM31
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    They’re -very- hopeful Punk will come back around.
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